Research Paper on SME Development in Highland Areas Presented in Lviv

On Friday, July 21, 2017, the NGO "Institute for International Economic Research" that is a winner of USAID LEV-sponsored Roadmap development competition in Lviv oblast, presented the research paper "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development in Highland Areas of Lviv Oblast". 

This paper is a step in the process of drafting the roadmap that will list action steps aimed at improving conditions for SMEs in the highland Carpathian region located within Lviv oblast. The paper describes the challenges that businesses in this region face: poor access to finance, lack of qualified workforce, complicated regulations, and others. Since representatives of local authorities and SME development NGOs were present at the event, this presentation will help the Institute for International Economic Research communicate the needs of SMEs in the region to key stakeholders and ensure their support for the future roadmap. 

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