The USAID LEV experts shared their experience of working in regions of Ukraine at a conference co-organized by the Program

On Monday, February 27, 2017, the USAID LEV Program together with the USAID Policy for Ukraine Local Self Governance (PULSE) Program co-organized a conference on local economic development. 

At the conference that took place in Kyiv, the USAID LEV Program hosted a panel section where USAID LEV experts shared their experience of working in the five pilot regions of the Program to improve conditions for SMEs. The USAID LEV experts told the audience about the Roadmap Development Project that provided local business associations with tools and capacity to create a Roadmap for SME development in their respective regions and to put the actions outlined in the Roadmap on the local authorities' agenda. Leaders of the business associations that developed the Roadmaps also spoke at this panel discussion and described the process of advocating for changes for SMEs through Roadmaps. Representatives of local authorities including the mayor of the city of Kakhovka in Kherson oblast joined the discussion to speak about their experience of working with business associations to implement the actions listed in the Roadmaps. The USAID LEV Program will continue Roadmap Development Project in 2017.  

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